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Managing and running an effective care business can present many challenges.

Coordinating the individual needs of your service users, satisfying requirements of the CQC and managing data correctly is certainly a lot to contend with.

Most of all, ensuring you are delivering care to service users to the highest possible standard is of paramount importance.

It is therefore essential you have a recruitment strategy that is well thought through to help your organisation access the right numbers of carers with the right skills, competencies, and values, at a time when you need them.

This is where Careworkers UK can help, As your dedicated Care Staffing Partner, we'll remove the time and hassle spent recruiting care staff so you are free to focus on delivering care.

Imagine all that time you spend advertising, CV filtering, interviewing and handling unsuccessful applicants.

All of this can be outsourced to us, so all you need to concern yourself with is making the final hiring decision and integrating the carer in to your organisation.

We run career days and candidate attraction campaigns of all sizes, dependant on our clients’ needs, and potential candidates are individually assessed.

Only after we have judged the individual to be suitable do we then submit their profile for your consideration.

We are proud to support some of the largest Care Home and Home Care providers in the UK with their staffing needs yet at the same time we understand that recruitment is just as important for any independent specialist care provider.

By partnering with Careworkers UK you'll benefit by eliminating the countless hours and expense associated with managing recruitment turning your recruitment overhead into a variable outlay giving you more time and cash flow to develop your business.

Our services are tailored to your individual needs.

Whether you need us to run a nationwide advertising campaign to fill multiple care assistant vacancies, or simply require a Registered Manager to help expand your organisation, we have a service to suit you.

Please browse our services to understand how we can help benefit your organisation.

Our services

  • Candidate Attraction

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    We procure high-quality candidates for specialist home care roles where skills shortages could otherwise make life difficult.

    At Careworkers UK, we employ some of the most wide ranging and high-impact candidate attraction techniques to raise awareness of working in the care sector.

    By understanding what makes a successful care recruit, we are able to deploy a range of advanced attraction methods to reach out to these individuals.

    From highly effective online campaigns, to trawling high streets up and down the country, we are constantly on the hunt for the special type of individual we know to be successful working in care.

    By partnering with Careworkers UK, you can rest assured that we will not leave any stone unturned to find you the perfect care staff for your organisation.

  • Campaign Management

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    Organising and coordinating large scale recruitment campaigns can often put huge strain on your resources.

    With high volumes of CVs to filter, interviews to arrange and conduct and many poor quality applicants to contend with, recruitment campaigns can often result in low returns for investment.

    By allowing Careworkers UK to manage your recruitment campaign, not only do you benefit from our expertise developed over years of recruiting, but you also benefit from the huge economies of scale that we can offer saving you hundreds even thousands of pounds as well as countless hours of staffing hours.

    Speak to us today so we can work together to design a campaign that is right for the needs of your organisation then sit back while we take away all of the hard work and stress to turn your recruitment campaign into a success.

  • Contract and Temporary

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    Sometimes the needs of your business may require you to hire a care worker on a contract or temporary basis.

    Often you need someone to join your organisation at short notice and don’t have the time or resources to conduct a long, drawn-out recruitment process.

    With Careworkers UK, you can trust we have the network and knowledge of quality, local candidates to supply you at short notice all of whom have passed our quality control standards and are good to go.

    In addition, we offer fully compliant payroll solutions so you are protected from any of the risks associated with agency workers.

    Whether you need a Care Manager to provide an additional few hours of cover a week or you need a Care Assistant to supplement your care team for 16 hours a week, we have the capability to supply you the most appropriate resource for your requirements.

    Furthermore, Careworkers UK are proud members of the UK Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) giving you extra peace of mind.

  • Permanent search and selection

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    Supplying permanent staff is at the core of our recruitment service.

    We appreciate you’ll have unique needs and requirements for your care staff and we ensure we fully understand the culture and values of your organisation before we start recruiting on your behalf.

    Utilising our advanced recruitment techniques, we bring together various aspects of our recruitment expertise to help identify the ideal care staff for your organisation, giving you the platform to grow your business and service the needs of your clients.

    We proactively track the movements of the most suitable individuals who we believe would be right for your organisation, whether they currently be in another profession or already working for one of your competitors.

    With our proactive approach, we build talent pools of local candidates so when you have a vacancy we will often have a solution at short notice.

    Whether you require experienced Home Care Assistants to provide night care, or you require a trainee care coordinator, we are sure to know a quality local candidate that is right for your needs.

  • Executive headhunting

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    Our specialist headhunting team offer the perfect solution to care providers when hiring for business critical senior appointments.

    Recruiting positions ranging from care directors to executive management and beyond, our team have the expertise and contacts to identify rare and sought after senior candidates, many of whom are not available on the job market.

    Our confidential attitude to engagement allows us to transparently match senior professionals with like-minded care organisations.

    We understand how critical it is to your business to make the right hiring decision for this type of recruit, they are either going to help take your organisation forward or cause you great loss.

    We assess all potential candidates through our robust filtering metrics, analysing their personality, motives for leaving, future aspirations, what their peers have to say about them and how well they would fit into your organisation culturally.

    Only after we are satisfied would we then propose them for your consideration.

    Speak to our team today in utmost confidentiality so we can work together to make this recruitment experience a success for you.

  • Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

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    Our fully outsourced recruitment service is designed for care organisations that do not have the skills or capacity to undertake recruitment duties internally.

    We take away every aspect of your recruitment process and design a solution that is right for your business.

    You can rely on us to take complete responsibility for all aspects of your recruitment, ensuring you have the right quality of care staff available at the time your business needs them.

    We implement transparent pricing models, service level agreements, and regular reviews so you are always in control of how much support we offer your business.

    Our RPO service is a unique proposition unlike any others available on the market it will completely transform your recruitment burden by allowing the experts to manage it on your behalf.

    Find out more about this service by calling our friendly Care Recruitment Advisors today.